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Bountiful Volunteer Team - Amber Gardner.pngAmber is a mom to three active littles and a wife to a hunka-hunka burnin’ love. She has a deep desire to rescue children from the dark situations they may be in. When she learned about O.U.R., she knew she had to help. She loves volunteering for O.U.R., with some of the most incredible people on Earth. She encourages all to join the fight and give these children light, hope, and the childhood they deserve.

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Beth cannot do three things:

1. Ride her bike into the wind,

2. Walk behind someone who is smoking.

3. Stand by while children are being robbed of their childhoods.

She supports any and all measures taken everywhere to thwart the pornography industry. Being the Cache Valley Team Lead is her little effort from her little corner of the world to make a difference.

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Melissa has dedicated most of her 19 years as an attorney in three states to Special Victims Prosecution, bringing justice to victims of sexual abuse, sexual assault and other heinous crimes. Needless to say, she is extremely passionate about O.U.R.’s mission on a professional and a personal level. She is a USAF military spouse, who has lived both domestically and abroad, and seen many governmental entities and nonprofit organizations over the years. O.U.R. is wholly unique – they exist to eradicate (not merely curb) child trafficking and they employ a triangular approach – simultaneously rescuing victims, holding perpetrators accountable under local laws and immediately working to rehabilitate (or habilitate if they’ve never had a normal life) these children. She has seen much education on this global issue but little action. O.U.R. is taking action on all three fronts. The executive team and the volunteers she has encountered have a heart of gold and a wide array of previous experiences that help make this organization great. We do what we do so the brave men and women on the jump teams can continue to “save lives and put away the bad people,” as she tells her own children!

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Copy of Volunteer Leadership Team (5)Melissa is a mom of four children and very passionate about protecting them from the evils of the world. She loves to be involved with service and shedding a light on the dark subjects. Melissa feels very strong about awareness and will do everything she can to help others join the movement. She believes that your efforts will benefit each one of those children who are rescued.

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Caralee has a background in Social Work and became acquainted with O.U.R. while doing research for her Master’s Thesis on human trafficking. She was struck by the prevalence of the problem and how unnoticed it goes. She felt compelled to join O.U.R as a volunteer because every child deserves a happy and healthy life free from abuse. She was impressed that O.U.R. was actually doing something to fight human trafficking. She have been volunteering with O.U.R. for two years and has met incredibly selfless people with a passion for serving others. She loves the mission of O.U.R. and everything it stands for.

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SLC Volunteer Team -Rob & Wendy Hanks.pngRob recently retired after 42 years of owning his own business. He has decades of experience in sales and management and his skills will come in handy on behalf of O.U.R. He has served in various church service positions. He and his wife spend a lot of time following the athletic and performance adventures of their 20 grandchildren. He loves to play golf and pickleball.

Wendy retired from the business world after 22 years as a professional travel agent. She has served in various church service positions, where she even served for 19 consecutive years working with the youth. She is a mother to 5 daughters and grandmother to 20 grandchildren. She is excited to put her time and heart into working for O.U.R. Her grandchildren are her inspiration for serving with O.U.R.

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Copy of Volunteer Leadership Team (9)Heidi had difficulty searching through the many good causes that seek time and resources, trying to find the one that could most tap into her passions. When she discovered O.U.R. through a Red Cross Hero Recognition event honoring Tim Ballard, she knew she’d found the right fit. She immediately signed up to volunteer. She loves the direct impact O.U.R. has, and the fact that someone in Sandy, UT can somehow help a child in Thailand. She loves the quality of this organization and the other amazing volunteers she gets to work with.

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Copy of Volunteer Leadership Team (10)Britney is a mother of two young girls and feels very strongly about fighting child slavery and doing everything she can to help. Volunteering for O.U.R. constantly pushes her out of her comfort zone, whether its talking about tough subjects, running a booth, or hosting a fundraiser with her team. She believes everything we do is important and makes a difference, so she will continue to do her part as a volunteer and encourage her amazing team members to do the same.


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Jane is passionate about helping to eradicate child sex trafficking. After hearing Tim Ballard speak in the summer of 2017, she knew she needed to get involved with O.U.R. She is a wife, mother of three, and grandmother of seven. She, along with her business partner, have owned an interior design company for almost twenty years. She and her husband live in Park City.


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