Students Against Trafficking

Use this website while we merge the S.A.T. page with plan your rescue. We appreciate your patience! Thank you! Students Against Trafficking website

We at O.U.R. are excited to have you join us in this cause and look forward to working with you. YOU can make a difference in the fight to end child sex trafficking by starting a club at your school and spreading awareness.

You’ll find everything you need here to create and run your own Anti-Trafficking Students Against Trafficking Club sponsored by O.U.R. through this website.

We know that it is going to take everyone to fight against modern-day slavery, including YOU! This site has been created to help YOU become a Modern-Day Abolitionist.

First we ask that you review our Students Against Trafficking Introductory Letter HERE. This is how we will begin the process of creating a club at your school.

We are here to help you every step of the way! You can reach out to our Students Against Trafficking Coordinator at