Students Against Trafficking 

Frequently Asked Question

Q: My school will not allow an on campus club. Is there any way I can still form a club?

A: If your school will not allow a club on campus you can create an “unofficial” club that is off campus. The club would for example be called “Students Against Trafficking [insert town/city where you go to school]. 

Q: I am homeschooled and I would like to start a club. Is this possible?

A: Of course! If you are homeschooled you may create a Students Against Trafficking Club with your homeschool group. The only difference is that you can have a parent or trusted adult be your advisor. If there is a club near you that is operated at a public school there is always the possibility of reaching out and asking to join that club if you live in the school district. Some school districts allow homeschooled students to participate in extracurricular activities at public schools.

Q: I am the parent of a student and want them to start a club at their school. How can I start a club for them?

A: Student Clubs are student lead meaning the student must initiate the process to form a club at their school. By having clubs be student led we are encouraging our youth to play an active leadership role in their school community. Your child can start the process of creating a club by reading the introduction letter HERE!