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Volunteer Leadership Team (19).pngKierstin heard of O.U.R. at dōTERRA’s convention and was moved to help. She is passionate about children and their well-being. She loves the mission of O.U.R., and knows the good it’s doing for children. She knows how important it is to help heal after tragedy, and that sets O.U.R. apart. She is thankful to support this organization and honor this work.

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Volunteer Leadership Team (9).pngJessica is a proud wife and mother of 4 daughters. She grew up in Grand Junction, Colorado where she developed a love for hard work and entrepreneurship. After serving a volunteer ecclesiastical mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in Germany, She attended BYU’s nursing school where she graduated with a Bachelors in Nursing. While practicing nursing as a career, she discovered a passion for entrepreneurship and business and built, alongside her husband, a real estate, design and construction company in Denver, Colorado. After a recent career change, she has returned to her passion of nursing in her new home of Palm Springs, California. Jessica also finds great joy in many hobbies that enrich her life including singing, tennis, cycling, photography, travel, and cooking. She also loves this time she has with her young children and considers her efforts as a mother her greatest role.

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Meriah Moffat TL PicWhen Meriah first became aware of modern-day slavery in 2009, she felt a deep call to act. Since then she has taught every grade K-12, graduated from Azusa Pacific University with her masters in choral conducting, and volunteered with several anti-trafficking organizations, both locally and internationally. Meriah is a huge believer in O.U.R. and its mission. Not only does O.U.R. rescue victims, incarcerate perpetrators, and support aftercare – they also work with local law enforcement to make sure it is done right and execute their own missions in the future. In all of her work, Meriah has found that working with law enforcement and other local organizations is the key to creating long-term, sustainable solutions to human trafficking. See how you can be part of the solution and join us in saying, “Not in my town, not on my watch!”

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Tommy Orlando TL PicTommy is a former Captain in the United States Marine Corps and currently working as a Community Service Specialist for the California State University Police Department. He got involved with O.U.R. after learning about it during a morning radio show. He believes in the O.U.R mission and is eager to get fellow abolitionists involved!

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Jen Bartholomew.pngJen been a Fire Engineer and Paramedic for 25 years. Through her time as a firefighter, she has experienced the worst of the worst including many cases of trafficking and abuse. She worked on an ambulance in San Francisco and witnessed many cases of human trafficking and labor trafficking. She was introduced to Operation Underground Railroad by one of her hero’s, also a trafficking survivor. One thing she has learned from her is that even though bad things can happen to us, it is what we do in the aftermath that defines us. This is hard and painful work, but she believes it will be one of the most rewarding experiences of her life. The beauty lies in each of us together, making a difference, finding hope and joy and fun, while we fight for the lives of others. 

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Chrissy and her husband Glenn live in San Diego, CA with their four children. She has a love of painting, planning events, and people. She wants to use whatever talents, skills, and resources she has to help in this fight and to help and encourage others to do so as well. She believes that together we can absolutely change the world we live in.