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This website is a resource to help aid you in supporting Operation Underground Railroad as an official volunteer. If you are not signed up as a volunteer you can do so below. If you are signed up as a volunteer you can find your closest volunteer team here!

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About Operation Underground Railroad


The purpose of the O.U.R. Volunteer Program is to bring awareness to the issues of human trafficking and exploitation, organize fundraising efforts for O.U.R. and bring community together in the fight against modern day slavery.

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Whether you create your own YourRescue Campaign, Become an Abolitionist Club monthly donor, or make a one time donation. We appreciate your monetary support as it helps us continue our mission.

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What Our Volunteers Say…

“Putting together out first large event as a team has been very exciting. We are hosting the Festival of Hope in August and we are having vendors at this event. In reaching out into the community and getting to know our vendors I have had some of these amazing people reach out to me telling me about their experiences as children. Some being sexually abused, some experiencing sexual exploitation, some with their own trafficking stories. These conversations are filled with love, tears, and hope. Hope rises from the ashes of their past as they join forces with O.U.R. The excitement that this event is bringing into our community as we all rise up and take a stand against human trafficking. We are blessed to have the foundation of O.U.R. to reach our community members and share the hope, awareness, and joy that O.U.R. brings to survivors. Sharing about O.U.R. in our community along with this event is opening up many eyes to what is happening. The outpour of support has been astounding! We are blessed.”

Denise Rast

Volunteer Team Leader, California


As one person raising one voice against the multi-billion dollar human trafficking industry, it is easy to feel I’m not making an impact. However, volunteering with O.U.R. provides a structure and organization to multiply the impact of my one voice as I reach into the community to educate individuals, groups and companies about the signs of human trafficking. O.U.R. also provides online resources and social media posts that raise awareness and engage the public. 

Adding light and hope to the conversations about human trafficking provides permission for others to step forward into a world they know nothing about but desperately want to defeat. It is intimidating to ponder the world wide scourge of enslavement, and feel that shrugging one’s shoulders is the only recourse. Without O.U.R., that response would become the norm. With O.U.R., that response is pushed aside and regular people step forward to lend their voice to the message of light and hope in a dark world. 

Standing in direct opposition to a world wide illegal industry is empowering. Thank you, O.U.R., for shining the light on the darkness and giving your volunteers a lantern to hold high.”

Tami Maloney

Volunteer Team Leader, Texas