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Copy of Volunteer Leadership Team.pngCaRynn is a college student studying Humanities and English. She teaches piano and loves to travel. She loves being a part of Operation Underground Railroad and has so much passion for this work. She works hard to do everything she can to help rescue God’s precious children.




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Volunteer Leadership Team (15)Ashley first heard about O.U.R. through the Elizabeth Smart Foundation. She went to Utah to view the Abolitionists, and started volunteering until more opportunities became available to do in Idaho. She has been volunteering with O.U.R. for almost a year and a half. Ashley supports O.U.R. because she feels she can’t stand by and do nothing, when she can do something! Now that she knows sex trafficking happens, she never wants to pass up an opportunity to help! The most rewarding thing about being a volunteer, to her, is knowing that there are children getting rescued, and seeing awareness spread, and more seeing more volunteers serve.