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Volunteer Leadership Team (19).pngKierstin heard of O.U.R. at dōTERRA’s convention and was moved to help. She is passionate about children and their well-being. She loves the mission of O.U.R., and knows the good it’s doing for children. She knows how important it is to help heal after tragedy, and that sets O.U.R. apart. She is thankful to support this organization and honor this work.

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Doug read an article about Operation Underground Railroad and thanked God that there were skilled and decent people who were there for these children. Not only to rescue them, but to provide follow-on care to help them. He is proud to be a volunteer in a behind-the-scenes role supporting Operation Underground Railroad.

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Volunteer Leadership Team (13).pngI am Tammara Collins–wife, mother, yoga instructor and abolitionist in support of eradicating human trafficking during my lifetime. I hope to connect with each of you in the San Diego area that want to enlist in this fight with me.  May we stand up together to protect those who do not have a voice of their own.